Web Design Services by FiveRDesign

To carry out our goal of providing quality affordable web design to London, Hertfordshire, Kent & The Home Counties, FiveRDesign offers a wide range of web design services, products and packages. We are currently in the process of restructuring our web design products to give our customers the best value for money in the face of the credit crunch,. We are happy to announce that some of our package details are now on this very page, so please keep reading! If the information provided does not cover your requirements and you would like a quote on a kind of website that we have not described, or would like to use FiveRDesign to develop your website solution, please get in touch with us.

All of our websites are constructed to be optimised for Search Engine Optimisation as standard, but there is a lot more to SEO than having code that looks good to google and yahoo (which is what we worry about so you don't have to). As a result, we offer a wide array of additional SEO services.

If you are interested in checking out the full range of our Search Engine Optimisation services, please check out our SEO page.

Standard Websites

The following are options that will be included in all packages as standard (unless you tell us that you do not wish to have certain options, this can be specified during your web design consultation or when you place an order):

Home Page

The most important part of any website, the home page is what draws your visitors and users in so it is very important that your home page gets across any points you wish to make, as well as being easy on the eyes presenting a good user friendly design. We will design your home page to whatever specifications you wish, and you may have as little or as much input in the page creation as you like.

About Page

Almost every website out there has an "about" or "history" page and your website will be no different (unless you wish us to leave that out of your site design). If you provide us with the information about yourself, your company or any other kind of site you might be creating, we will display here nicely formatted for you. You can go into as much detail or as little as you like, it is entirely up to you, after all, it will be your website, you're the boss!

Contact Us Page

A lot of good business (not just web design) is about communication and as such all good websites need a way for people to be able to contact you or your business. Therefore all websites provided by FiveRDesign will provide a contact page as standard. We will even put validation on the form for you, so that you do not receive messages with half the fields on the form missing

Other Pages on your Website

Including the kinds of pages mentioned above, the standard package will entitle you to have up to 5 pages on your website. So if you take all 3 kinds of pages mentioned above, there are still 2 more pages for your website that are completely unique for you and the content can be whatever you wish. If you are in need of more pages, then we will offer more substantial packages.


This will not mean a lot to non technical customers, but providing you with a website with valid XHTML and CSS, we will make it easier for Google and other search engines to be able to read your website. In addition, valid XHTML and CSS means nothing is likely to display incorrectly on your site. FiveRDesign adhering to these standards will also hopefully give you more confidence in us, we like to produce the best possible web designs and websites we can for our customers!

The Price

As you may be aware, a lot of websites would not give you a price for any of their packages. For our basic package there are 2 prices. If you allow us to place Google Adsense advertisements on your site from our account (so any clicks on the ads, we will get the money), then we will build your site for £260. If you wish a site with no ads, or you want us to set up Google adsense for yourself, then it will be £300.

If you are not sure what Google Adsense advertising looks like, look in our blue sidebar on the right hand side of this page at the bit where it says "Ads by Google". The ad is quite small and does not obstruct our design or look ugly. This is the kind of ad we would place on your site if you took the cheaper package. Whatever your choice, we will consult fully with you on ad placement to give you the best design possible for your website.

Standard Website Summary

So, to summarise, if you would like the FiveRDesign standard website package, you will be getting:

  • Website with up to 5 pages
  • All pages will have valid XHTML/CSS
  • All pages optimised for SEO as standard
  • Domain name purchasing/registration/set up *
  • Hosting *
  • Email address *
  • (Where * indicates this option is if the customer wishes to have it)

All for the low price of £260 or £300 plus the cost of your domain name.

Redesigns of Existing Websites

If you have an existing website that you would like to be brought up to date with a fresh design, new content pages or some new functionality, we would love to be of assistance. Please get in touch with us and explain to us what exactly what work needs to be done to your website and we will provide you with a quote for your requested modifications or redevelopment.

Our Information about brand new Drupal websites and Drupal module development can be found right here - Drupal at FiveRDesign. If after reading you still have questions, or you would like to talk to someone anyway, please contact us.