SEO For Hertfordshire, Kent and Beyond

Search Engine Optimisation can be the making of a web site or the bane of a webmasters existence, or often both. But not everyone understands what the term search engine optimisation means. FiveRDesign want to make it easy for you to understand SEO, and why you should choose us if you need SEO services on your website.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

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I am sure many people out there (technical and non technical alike) do not know or fully understand what Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimization, if you are American) is. In laymans terms, Search Engine Optimisation is the technique of getting a particular website to appear as high in the google search results as possible for a particular keyword.

For example, take this website. As a provider of Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) services based in Hertfordshire and Kent, two of our most important keywords are "SEO Hertfordshire" and "SEO Kent". Similar keywords to this would be things like "Search Engine Optimisation Hertfordshire" or "Hertfordshire SEO" (changing the order you put words into Google can have a dramatic effect on the search results). The process of Search Engine Optimisation would help us to appear as close to the top of the search results as possible.

Depending on how competitive a keyword is, you could be at the top within a few weeks, or for more competitive terms like "Web Design Hertfordshire" it can take months of continuous optimisation to see results.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

At FiveRDesign, we pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality SEO services for our customers, whether they are based in Kent, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, London or much further afield. Every SEO campaign undertaken will be different, some customers may just require some pointers and advice, while others will want a year long campaign with all aspects being fully managed by their SEO provider.

FiveRDesign are happy to provide a full range of SEO services, which are listed below:

  • The initial keyword analysis, helping you to determine the important benchmark keywords you would like to be ranking for in Google and other search engines.
  • Optimising your website pages for your chosen keywords.
  • Link building services and campaigns.
  • Submission of content provided by you to article directories and other kinds of content directories to acquire you links from others who choose to use your content.
  • Copywrighting - we can write articles for you that will be used to acquire links back to your website if you do not wish to write your own.
  • Press Release Submission and Distribution.
  • Social media campaigns - helping you to get started with using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks to help your business.
  • All of the above and more!

If there is an aspect of SEO you do not think we have covered and have questions as a result, or if you would like a quote for a campaign, please contact us. We appreciate that customers will have varying levels of budget so we will always try to put something together to reflect the funds our clients have available.

SEO Case Studies

FiveRDesign is proud of its reputation and performance abilities when it comes to providing Search Engine Optimisation, however we do not merely expect you to take our word for it. Below you will find details of the SEO successes we have had with some of our campaigns.

SEO Report on XtremeTennisCoaching

We have been very successful with our SEO campaign for XtremeTennisCoaching, a website for a tennis coach based at Crescent Tennis Club in Sidcup, Kent. Due to the location, lots of combinations of keywords involving "Kent","Sidcup","Tennis","Coaching" and "Lessons" were all important for optimising this website.

Since we began this campaign in December 2008, the popularity of the website has increased so much we were comissioned to do a re-design of the website. A local tennis coaches website will not attract tons and tons of traffic understandibly, but the website does very well for a site of its kind and a big part of its success is thanks to its SEO campaign.

Xtreme Tennis Coaching is our longest running SEO campaign, and thus has the best results to show for it. Their number one target keyword was "Tennis Coaching Kent", and they have been number 1 in and in Yahoo for this keyword for nearly a year. They are also number one for many other keyword combinations such as Tennis Coaching Sidcup, Kent Tennis Coaching, Kent Tennis Lessons and Crescent Tennis. They are also in the top 5 for "Kent Tennis" and are closing on the number one spot for this keyword.

SEO Report on TopSpin Tennis Coaching

TopSpin Tennis Coaching is another tennis coaching company from Kent, but based in a different part of Kent to Xtreme Tennis Coaching. As a result, they have some overlapping target keywords but also many different ones. For TopSpin, the most important keywords are "Tennis Coaching Meopham", "Tennis Coaching Cobham" and "Tennis Coaching Gravesend" in addition to the more general "Tennis Coaching Kent".

As of the start of August 2010, TopSpin was at Number 1 in for "Tennis Coaching Meopham", Number 1 for "Tennis Coaching Gravesend" and Number 3 for "Tennis Coaching Cobham", as well being at Number 5 for "Tennis Coaching Kent", and will soon be challenging Xtreme Tennis Coaching for the number 1 spot on that term.

SEO Report on Dolphins Preschool

Dolphins Preschool is a website for a preschool based in Gillingham, Kent and thus keywords such as "Kent Preschool" and "Preschools in Gillingham" would be the most important to rank well for.

Dolphins Preschool currently sits at number 3 in for "Preschool Kent", number 4 for "Kent Preschool" and number 2 for "Preschools Gillingham" in as well being in the top 5 for a number of other keywords.