At FiveRDesign we are fully aware and appreciative of the fact that not everyone is technically minded and this site may use various terms that sound like mongolian to some people. However, if this is the case I am sure some of you would like to know what we're talking about when there is something you don't understand. This is the place to come to have all the "techy" terms explained.

In time, this will build up into a comprehensive glossary of terms & useful web information. If there is anything you would like us to add to this definition list, please make a suggestion via the contact page.

Search Engine Optimisation is a very large, broad subject. Rather than rewriting something that has been written many times, we advise anyone wanting more information about the basics of Search Engine Optimisation to read the Wikipedia article on SEO which can be found by following this link:

Like many people out there, either during their jobs or at home, we sometimes have to make use of Unix (or Linux). Also like many other people out there, we spend most of our time using Windows so when the time comes to use the UNIX Command Line, commands can be forgotten. This is just a quick useful list of some of the UNIX basic commands to help you get around.

As well as being able to navigate around the UNIX command line, for those who do not do it regularly, using a text editor in the command line can be very difficult, so we have put together a very basic list of commands to help any readers get started with Vi or its more advanced, user friendly successor VIM. The Vi/Vim cheat sheet can be read here.