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At FiveRDesign we have a fairly extensive knowledge of Drupal with knowledge of both version 5 and even more knowledge of version 6. What is Drupal you ask? Drupal is the premier PHP Open Source Content Management System available today. Drupal allows users to build anything from the simplest blog to the most complex news or e-commerce websites. We have over 2 years experience of maintaining and developing both Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 websites with regularly activity in the Drupal community. We are fully experienced in all aspects of Drupal configuration and development.

Our developer has been involved in numerous Drupal projects, please see below for details:

  • WikiJob - Student and Graduate Resource
    Our developers current day job, WikiJob is one of the largest student and graduate websites in the UK. Fully optimised Drupal 6 website making extensive use of Drupal "out of the box" with a few custom modules to boot. Recently had a brand new theme installed courtesy of Drupal theme specialists Adaptive Themes of Sweden.
  • ImprovementandInnovation.com - Six Sigma Lean & More
    Improvementandinnovation.com is a fully operational Drupal 6 website with a nice combination of standard modules, community modules and custom developed modules with a custom theme.
  • i&i Members
    The i&i Members website is a fully customised Drupal 5 website that uses many custom built modules to maintain this private members only community website. Also uses a custom theme developed in house by the i&i team.

As stated above, Drupal Module Development is something we have a lot of experience in. Modules can be very simple or very complex, and may be completely standalone or need to tie in with a lot of functionality already occuring on your website. Every module is different. If you would like FiveRDesign to undertake some Drupal Module Development work for you and your website, please contact us using the contact form. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer a standard quote for this kind of work because every module developed will be different.

A few examples of the custom modules our developer has worked on include:

  • Integration with MailChimp through the MailChimp API
  • Custom reporting modules involving the Google Analytics and Charts APIs
  • Custom Emailings using the _mail hook
  • Internal messaging systems
  • A variety of custom content types
  • Custom administration consoles
  • Modules to output optimised landing pages

So you're in need of a brand new website, but maybe you do not want us to do all the work. If you are the kind of person who likes to have the ability to configure things for themselves, have a dabble in development without having to learn how to code websites, then having a Drupal site may be for you. The extensive standard Admin interface offers all kinds of configurable options, and there is a community who have developed hundreds of modules just waiting to be added to your website.

If you would like a Drupal website from FiveRDesign, we will be as involved with the process as you like. We will set everything up for you, or just do the bare minimum to get you up and running and then you can be the boss of your own website, or we will provide you with some kind of happy medium. The choice is entirely up to you.

For information about Drupal support services and training from FiveRDesign, please see our dedicated Drupal Support page.