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FiveRDesign is pleased to announce that we are now offering Drupal Consultancy services in addition to our existing Drupal Web Design and Drupal Support services. If you are based in the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or London areas and in need of some Drupal help onsite then talk to FiveRDesign about your Drupal requirements and needs.

We are happy to offer our services to all kinds of projects, whether you need help deciding if Drupal is the right platform for your business, help migrating from another system to Drupal or there is certain custom functionality you want added in to your website, we can help with all these kinds of decisions and problems.

If you are further afield from us than Hertfordshire, London or Cambridgeshire (or the surrounding areas), if you are happy for us to do so we are more than happy to work with you remotely (and maybe throwing the odd visit to your premises into the bargain) to meet your Drupal needs.

We are happy to negotiate either daily or hourly rates, we appreciate everyone has different needs and different budgets for their projects.

So, if you are in need of Drupal Consulting services, Get Talking To Us Now!

FiveRDesign Drupal Consultancy Clients

Since FiveRDesign started offering Drupal consultancy services in the second half of 2010, we have successfully worked with, advised and assisted in drupal development matters with several clients who have all been great to work with. You may find a few of them below:

Nebulas Solutions: Nebulas Solutions contacted FiveRDesign when they needed some assistance with a Drupal site that had been built by another design firm not that familar with Drupal who told them that some particularly functionality they had requested couldn't be done unless they spent a large amount of money developing it. FiveRDesign, in conjunction with our friends at DreamLeaf media were able to not only implement the required solution, but do it using all drupal community contributed modules so no code was required, saving significantly on development time and costs.

Saffron Communications: FiveRDesign has enjoyed a fairly long and productive working relationship with Saffron Communications for several months, advising them on all things Drupal for one of their clients and providing development work producing several custom modules including a custom application system and tracking downloads of media resources. In addition, FiveRDesign has also advised Saffron on certain SEO matters pertaining to their clients.