FiveRDesign was created in 2008 by a pair of university graduates who have been friends for many years having attended school together in Hertfordshire, and then having both graduated from The University of Hertfordshire and The University Of Greenwich in London respectively. Our developer also went on to complete his Masters degree in London (again at The University Of Greenwich) in "Internet Technology & E-Commerce" specialising in Web Development and Web Design. Both of us have had keen interests in web design and web development for many years. Our developer has lived in the Kent area for the last few years but has recently moved to Cambridge & is currently in full time employment in web design & web development in London, thereby widening the area that we can cover easily.

Between our web designer and web developer, FiveRDesign has a very wide array of skills at it's disposal. The combined skill set available to work on your website consists of:

  • Photoshop - Web Design
  • Photoshop - Image Repair & Alteration
  • PHP (4 and 5 - Object Oriented & non OO)
  • SQL/MySql for all your Database needs
  • Wide knowledge of Drupal Content Management System (versions 5 and 6)
  • JavaScript - including AJAX & JQuery
  • XHTML Strict 1.1 Compliant
  • CSS
  • Wide knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques
  • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) compliance - various levels depending on clients requirements
  • Knowledge of Web Services & interfacing with a wide variety of API's including Amazon, eBay,, Spreedly subscription payments and more

If you would like to see how this collection of skills has been used to build some websites, please visit the portfolio to get a good look at our existing websites. If you have any questions about our skills, or want to know if we can do something for your website which would not be covered in the skills above, please contact us.